The multi-talented Chin Fong joined us today to discuss his experiences with NFTs. Strap yourself in, it’s quite the ride:

Chin, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

How did you first get into creating digital art?

I started creating digital art during highschool using…

There were over 1 million NFT sales in October, but today we’re only worried about the top 5 most expensive. With a lot of top projects and quality NFTs floating about the market this month, who will take the top spot? Spooky season has just finished. …

CoinBurp is excited to announce a new program we’re opening to loyal and active community members, the CoinBurp Ambassador Program!

Becoming a CoinBurp Ambassador means you become a Burper, you will have the opportunity to represent CoinBurp across international channels, whilst earning $BURP tokens from our partner, exclusive NFTs from…


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