Announcing Morningstar Ventures as a strategic investor in $BURP**!

2 min readJun 27, 2021

Following a successful funding round at $BURP**, solid strategic partners are helping to bring it to the masses.

Over the following month, you will see more announced, so stay tuned. 🚀

Without further ado, let’s introduce one of these partners: Morningstar Ventures!

Quote from Morningstar:

“The need for bridging DeFi innovations to users of CeFi solutions is evident, and we are happy to back teams that are building products to cater this yet underserved area. The $BURP** team has proven experience in the crypto ecosystem, which facilitated our decision to invest in the project and gives us confidence in the execution capabilities of the team.”

About Morningstar:

Morningstar Ventures is a venture studio based in Dubai lead by CIO Danilo S. Carlucci that invests in ambitious founders and forward thinking ideas. Morningstar Ventures has been very active within the crypto/blockchain ecosystem via token investments this past year, but is also investing equity in the traditional startup ecosystem and supporting projects hands on.

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