Nov 2, 2021

3 min read

Become a Burper Today! Apply by November 30th, 2021

CoinBurp is excited to announce a new program we’re opening to loyal and active community members, the CoinBurp Ambassador Program!

Becoming a CoinBurp Ambassador means you become a Burper, you will have the opportunity to represent CoinBurp across international channels, whilst earning $BURP tokens from our partner, exclusive NFTs from our MealDrops and Partner NFT series’, CoinBurp merchandise swag, a special role in our Discord, custom title in the Telegram and a whole array of more rewards.

The roles are fun and extremely flexible, and are tailored to what you personally specialize in. Whether you’re a social butterfly that’s active in a lot of different crypto or NFT community groups, or a determined content creator that has a following on Reddit, Medium, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Youtube — there is always a place for you in the CoinBurp Ambassador Program!

Your responsibilities will include helping to grow international communities and using your skills to assist with marketing campaigns. CoinBurp Ambassadors will assist in strategic outreach through keeping active in our channels, and spreading CoinBurp developmental information far and wide across their own networks.

Before applying — be sure you fit the below description — only those who meet our requirements will be considered. Applicants have until November 30th, 12:00 (MIDDAY) UTC to submit their application.

  • Bilingual in English and the native language concerned (e.g. Spanish community), with good written and verbal communication skills in English. Excellent communication skills are also expected for the native language concerned.
  • A proactive approach and ability to take ownership of the role as a Burper.
  • You must be experienced and knowledgeable in the crypto and NFT market with a strong understanding of blockchain technology.
  • Naturally friendly, proactive attitude with good people skills.
  • Show efficiency, empathy, and effectiveness towards our international community members and be able to personalize your service in a professionally appropriate manner.
  • Must be fine with attending calls every month which will be between the CoinBurp Marketing Team and CoinBurp Ambassadors.

If you are interested in the opportunity to become a Burper then be sure to fill out the form below. Applications will be reviewed during the first week of December, and those who qualify will receive an email from us to be shortlisted for an interview. Once the shortlisted candidates have been interviewed, we will begin the onboarding process.

Apply for the CoinBurp Ambassador program here

Successful candidates will be required to use Telegram as the main communication bridge between CoinBurp and our Burpers. If you do not make it through this time, have no fears — the Ambassador Program will be reopening entries in the future to allow for more Burpers to join the squad!

CoinBurp is the cryptocurrency platform partner for the $BURP ecosystem that includes Cede Fields Ltd for token issuance and CB Defined Ltd for DeFi products. The tokens are not issued or controlled by CoinBurp.

$BURP is the official token of the $BURP ecosystem of products including but not limited to non-custodial token management, staking mechanisms, NFT raffles.

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