DeFi & NFT Wallet app is LIVE: Find out what’s on the way

This week’s launch of the DeFi and NFT wallet’s alpha version is incredibly exciting, continuing on a path to making Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) accessible to everyone.

The launching pad for Non-Fungible Tokens

The DeFi and NFT wallet works both as a gateway to buy NFTs from your favourite marketplaces while securely storing and sending your newly purchased Ethereum-based tokens.

The NFT purchase process has been made seamless by integrating with many of the most popular wallets available such as MetaMask and other DeFi wallets, allowing you to import your crypto of choice via a private key or mnemonic seed. In the future, the DeFi and NFT wallet app will offer an effortless experience to buy any of your favourite NFTs from collectibles such as Nifties, or CryptoKitties, to captivating digital artwork.

The DeFi and NFT wallet is the best solution to buying and storing NFTs from the most popular NFT providers with whom it is partnered with. enables you to buy in-game NFTs while building your virtual world using their $SAND token. If you’re more into digital collectibles, you should look at Avastars, the one-of-a-kind digital avatars based on multiple layers of ingenious digital artwork. Additionally, you can choose to subscribe to NFT Boxes to start receiving the best hand-curated digital art pieces and NFTs from some of the most well-known collectors in the space.

It’s amazing to have such brilliant partners join at such an early stage of the journey. In the short term, the ambitious roadmap will lead to implementing a raffle system where you can win rare NFTs, offering full FIAT integration (GBP & EUR), an extended list of popular NFT platforms, and many other innovations.

Bringing simplicity to NFTs amid unparalleled enthusiasm

Today, DeFi is the hot topic for every crypto enthusiast, increasingly branching to more sectors with new native solutions for the digital generation. DeFi’s ownership economy is intrinsically coupled to the nature of NFTs and their recent emergence.

NFTs came to light this year with mainstream awareness caused by leading auction houses like Christie’s hitting record digital art sales. More physical and digital assets are undergoing tokenization amid more conversation and excitement from personalities to experts on their use-cases.

However, for newcomers and enthusiasts, DeFi and NFTs in particular are challenging concepts. By reaching out to users to learn more about how to change this gloomy reality, it became apparent that current platforms pose security challenges to their users’ assets, a lack of user-friendly interfaces, and clunky journeys from importing funds to purchasing tokens, digital art or collectibles.

The mission is to solve the barrier to entry for an exciting new sector that is reshaping ownership, while bridging together the best of centralised finance features (e.g., security, insurance) to the potential of NFTs (e.g., value appreciation, permissionless, flexibility).

Roadmap in 2 steps: Buy, store, and earn while governing with $BURP**

Buy with Fiat or Crypto, store safely, and earn rare Rewards

The DeFi and NFT wallet app is the go-to solution for crypto enthusiasts looking to buy, store and earn NFTs with ease and accessibility — all in one place. Furthermore, the integration with OpenSea, one of the leading NFT marketplaces, will open an immense array of options to start buying and collecting your favourite assets.

In Q2 2021, support for full FIAT integration on and off-ramp will be available along with custody (EUR & GBP), allowing you to buy NFTs directly from your bank account while storing them with state-of-the-art security and insurance. The DeFi and NFT wallet will be protected by $100M insurance, becoming one of the first DeFi-based products with institutional-level insurance for its users.

On top of an end-to-end journey from buying to storing, the world’s-first NFT raffle will soon be launched, allowing you to start collecting variable rarity, generative NFTs, including the possibility to win exclusive NFTs from partners —, NFT Boxes and Avastars.

There are ambitious plans to integrate more leading marketplaces, popular games, and digital art galleries and auction houses in the coming months. In Q3 and Q4 of this year, multi-chain support, more FIAT payment gateways, a web version to complement the mobile app, and many more will be coming to the platform

With the DeFi and NFT wallet, NFTs meet the ease of use and simplicity of a modern marketplace with a wallet connecting the worlds of Centralised Finance (CeFi) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

A DAO Governance Model with $BURP** utility Token

The DAO governance model relies on your direct participation. It’s fantastic to be able to launch a native token, $BURP**, with diverse use-cases for holders. You’ll be able to stake $BURP** in the DeFi and NFT wallet while becoming eligible for a raffle system, where you can win rare NFTs from a selected list of exclusive partners.

$BURP** token holders will be generating an APY for staking their tokens and on top, users will have the chance to earn rewards while paying for any fees in the platform. Furthermore, newly-issued NFTs include unique staking multipliers, increasing the benefits for holders in the future. Along with exclusive rewards, the DAO will redistribute 20% of its fees in the form of $BURP** to guarantee its sustainability and continuous improvement and engagement.

$BURP** tokens have a 500 million maximum supply, which will be reached by 2028 (7 year release schedule). Following a sustainable model thesis, the DAO treasury for general purposes will hold 10% of the supply while vesting for longer than six years. Additionally, the DAO treasury intended for staking will hold 8% of the supply over the same vesting period.

Here’s a quick breakdown of tokenomics going forward:

  • 500 million maximum supply to be reached by 2028
  • 47% of these will reach end-users
  • 11% to early backers and advisors
  • 17% to private rounds
  • 25% to be retained by the team

In the future public sale (June 2021), 3% of $BURP’s** supply will be available to purchase with no issuance schedule, giving investors total freedom to trade $BURP** from day one.

Join the Alpha: Laying the groundwork for 2021

The DeFi and NFT wallet is the first of its kind application to offer full integration of NFT purchases with FIAT in a secure and insured manner while taking advantage of a DAO model and rewarding users with the $BURP** token in a truly decentralised fashion.

Together, the team has over 35 years in the crypto brokerage space with some of us being there from the very beginning in 2010 and with plenty of previous success stories alongside the road to present day, working around-the-clock to implement the roadmap with extended features and a concrete vision. Currently, CoinBurp is the number one most trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform in the UK according to Trustpilot.

Furthermore, CoinBurp has surrounded itselves with leading advisors and investors to help us achieve the mission such as Iqbal Gandham — eToro’s former UK CEO, Sebastien Borget — Co-Founder of, as well as being backed by the world’s leading blockchain tech accelerator, Outlier Ventures.

Tests are ongoing for the alpha version, now available on the Apple store offering you a streamlined experience from buying to storing NFTs while continuously improving the product to serve the rapidly changing landscape.

Join us on the steppingstone of the NFT mainstream adoption. Stay tuned for updates on the roadmap:

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Twitter: @coinburp
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Facebook: @thecoinburp
Instagram: @coinburp
LinkedIn: /coinburp
YouTube: CoinBurp

** The above tokens are issued by Cede Fields LTD (a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands) and distributed by Kucoin and

Important Information

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