$BURP** launches IDO on Polkastarter: Join the Whitelist

3 min readJul 14, 2021

The journey to democratize NFTs began in March with the alpha version of the DeFi | NFT Wallet. $BURP** have now launched an IDO on Polkastarter to bring the community even closer. To be a part of $BURP’s** mission, join the Whitelist for the upcoming IDO on July 26th!

$BURP** couldn’t be happier to launch the Initial Decentralised Offering (IDO) on one of the most popular decentralised exchanges, Polkastarter, and give the community the chance to be a $BURP** token holder.

But first, users need to apply to join the Whitelist and, if eligible, be one of the first people to be a proud $BURP** owner.

The $BURP** Token: The Gateway for rare NFTs.

Are you looking to be one of the first holders of $BURP**? 👀

The lucky winners will be an integral part of CoinBurp’s development. The ambitious roadmap will lead CoinBurp to a new update in September, integrating OpenSea and FIAT gateways in the official CeDeFi app. With that update, users will be able to link their bank account (EUR or GBP) in a few steps and buy NFTs from their favorite marketplaces. On top of the buying experience, CoinBurp offers an institutional-grade solution to store NFTs safely and allow transfers between wallets (e.g., Metamask).

Furthermore, as a holder of the $BURP** token, you’ll get the chance to gain rare NFTs from CoinBurp’s partners, including The Sandbox, NFT Boxes, Polkamon, Ethermon, ChainGuardians, CryptoProphecies and more. Beyond the rewards, you’ll have a higher multiplier when staking $BURP**, earning more from your initial investment.

The maximum supply of 500M tokens and the limited supply available on the IDO (< 1% of the supply) making $BURP** even more valuable for early holders. Click below for more information about the $BURP** token.

But first, what is the Whitelist?

Polkastarter works with a Whitelist model where users go through a pre-selection (including KYC processes) to become eligible to the IDO (July 26th) and be the first holders of the $BURP** token.

To be eligible to enter the Polkastarter Whitelist, you’ll need to hold at least 250 POLS — Polkstarter’s native token. For more detailed information about Polkastarter whitelists, visit below:

Check the key dates to remember in this process:

Announcement of when the Whitelist is closed: July 22nd, 21:00 UTC

Start Date of the KYC process for winners: July 23rd

End Date of the KYC process for winners: July 25th

Announcement of the final list of KYC-eligible winners: July 25th

Stay tuned for more updates next week when CoinBurp announces the winners here on the blog and across the social media channels:

About CoinBurp

CoinBurp is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the UK, offering an easy to go solution to buy, store and transfer the most popular crypto-assets. Beyond crypto trading, CoinBurp is on a mission to democratize and simplify access to NFTs.

CoinBurp recently launched the alpha version of the DeFi | NFT Wallet to facilitate buying, storing, and transferring NFTs. A key part of CoinBurp’s ambitious roadmap is the $BURP** token, now available in the public sales.

Stay tuned to the channels and upcoming updates. All about the product, roadmap, and native token:

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is the fully decentralized protocol for launching new ideas. The curation process and industry access enable us to offer the best new projects in blockchain and digital assets. With Polkastarter, decentralized projects can raise awareness, build a loyal community, and receive long-term support. Users of the platform will be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment and use assets both in and beyond the current ERC20 standard.

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