CoinBurp NFT artist interview — HoMiNFT

Creator of the incredible One-bit series, Homayun, joined us today to talk us through his experiences with #NFTs and how he got into the space.

My mother used to do traditional oil painting art since I was 4, So in my early years she made me passionate about creating and She drove me to flourish my talent and figure out my love for art. Around the age of 9, my father bought me a PC, and that’s how I got into creating digital art rather than traditional. It was a new thing to me and I always loved being different.

As I said earlier, my mother is by far my biggest Idol and inspiration, and after that, the friends I made in the NFT space, such as Jenk, WGMeets, and other amazing artists! I’m a big anime fan, and I get many of my ideas and inspirations from anime shows.

At first, money. I saw many artists make big bucks in the space, and I entered the space with the motive to make more money than designing for clients. But I was shut down pretty fast and it took me 4 months to make my first $100. But as for now, I’d say if it wasn’t for my amazing friends and supporters that show love to my art, I wouldn’t stay in the space. The NFT space is amazing, and as long as you don’t look for negativity, you won’t find anything other than positivity.

The first thing I’ll do whenever an idea comes to my mind, is to type it down in my Notes app. Then, I’ll sit at my desk, run my creative app, and start just doing whatever feels right. After that, I’ll make sure everything looks fine, and if needed, will edit and redo the parts that aren’t right. Finally, I’ll share the work with my close artist friends, ask for their opinion and input, then after applying the changes that I feel like are needed, I’ll post it on my social media pages.

I personally am not as active in the cryptocurrency space as I am in the NFT space, so I don’t know much about it. But I know the space is growing rapidly with many people realizing the potential of this technology, and that they can have a life-changing investment, which can’t be done in many spaces. The NFT space is rapidly growing as well, helping artists monetize their passion. The space has been unfortunately overflown with a lot of low effort, cash grab projects, that without proper research could end up completely devastating the investor’s wallet, but I’m sure this wave will eventually slow down, and we will see actual artists get the recognition they truly deserve.

I love watching TV shows and Movies, especially Japanese anime series. I love languages and I’m in the process of learning Japanese and Spanish! I love music as well, and I’m currently learning the acoustic guitar!

I’m pretty open about my passions, so I don’t really have a show that I’m ashamed to admit I love. Anime does get a lot of unjust hate, so I’d like to use this opportunity to invite people to watch anime! Believe me, if you ever have a creative block, Anime can help you overcome that.

I’d like to thank CoinBurp for the opportunity, and thank my amazing friends that have always supported me, no matter what.

My name is Homayun Faridi, 19 years and 10 months old, from Iran.

I’ve recently started #OneBitStreet, a project where I showcase the architecture of different countries and cultures, in 1-bit style. I’d love for you to check the project out. We are growing really fast!

The official #OneBitStreet collection on OpenSea:
My Twitter account:
My Instagram account:
You can check out the rest of my socials and collections via this linktree link:

See you later!



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