CoinBurp NFT artist interview series — cfw

We were lucky enough to be joined by cfw earlier this week who’s making some serious waves in the NFT community especially with the release of the awesome Stacy Pills. Interested in getting to learn about cfw’s work process? Read on:

cfw, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

Your Stacy Pills look awesome! How did you first get into creating digital art?

I’ve always been into art — started out doodling in my school notes, getting punished for it by teachers haha.
A lot of my younger days went into learning different mediums of art, just as a hobby. I’ve been in the filmmaking career since 2014 crafting brand films & travel content. Art was always on the side, as a hobby until 2018. That’s when I found the medium to express myself freely, in the best way that I could. Digital art. Since then I’ve been sharing my art publicly on social media.

Your work uses a range of colours, styles and techniques to produce a whole range of art people can enjoy.

What are your inspirations? This could be artists (NFT or non-NFTs), TV shows, music, or any random thing on the internet!

Generally my art doesn’t fit a specific style or genre, but if you pay attention, a certain aspect of collage & mixed media is evident. That’s been one of my favorite ways to create art, but merging many of the art styles that I’ve loved making. This generally includes 3D basework with 2D illustration overlays, textures & typography.
I was fascinated with stuz0r’s work when I started out. To be able to create anything & everything that you can dream of, on a 3D application was crazy. That’s when I started learning Cinema 4D from online videos & tutorials. There’s no single place that I derive inspiration from. Everyday I see incredible art from artists all over the world, it’s just beautiful. A lot of filmmakers / fine art photographers inspire me as well. Some of my favorite filmmakers are Tim Kellner, henrifilms

In the NFT space, I really enjoy looking at works from artists like LIRONA, PAK, Lucrece, Mark the habibi, and so many more.

What made you pursue NFT art?

I first heard about NFTS in 2020, and saw some of my favorite artists create them, but I was never into Crypto so I didn’t think much of it, until the huge Beeple auction took place.That news definitely piqued my interest. That’s when, one of my followers advised me to join before it goes mainstream, so I gave it a go in Late March. At the time, minting cost a LOT of money, especially where I come from. So I saved up most of my income to mint two artworks on Foundation. And here we are! haha

What is your work process from idea to finish?

Most of my pieces typically start out with a basic concept that I set up on Cinema 4D, and then I just keep tinkering with it until I find something that I’m happy with. From there I take it to Photoshop or After effects depending on the type (illustration / motion) in case the piece needs additional set of treatment, which usually they do.

Cryptocurrencies and NFT have been dominating the world news for the past year thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Cryptopunks, and of course, the famous Beeple $69M NFT purchase. What are your honest thoughts on the cryptocurrency and NFT space right now?

I’ve never felt so invested in a community until now. I often tweet that NFT is a magical place, & it truly is. What sets it apart from Instagram or other platforms of showcasing work is, there’s real human interaction, & people willing to spend on your artwork that you never imagined could ever sell is still a feeling that I’m not used to. I’ve been grateful for all the experiences so far in this space, I intend on staying here, creating & collecting for a long time, & be part of such a cool community.

What are your other passions besides creating art?

I’ve been creating video content for 7 years now, mostly travel films from the places that I visit, that’s one of my passions as well.
Capturing emotions on a lens is a beautiful form of storytelling & I love it dearly. Crafting a film, from directing, filming, editing, to sound design, every step is such a rewarding experience for me. I can’t imagine myself doing anything apart from film + art.

This is something we ask new starters in CoinBurp as part of their Q&A interviews that we post on our blog, but the answers are always great so we’ll ask you too; What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

Hahaha, well I’m not ashamed to admit it, but I love what people call “chick flicks”
They’re good stories, a good way to wind down, and always fun to watch & improve my craft at the same time. LOL

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for us. The CoinBurp team can’t wait to see you grow as an artist!

Post some links to where people can find your artwork and social media accounts. Also, feel free to shout out anything else you wish.
That’s where you’ll find all the links to my works. I’ve been using different platforms to separate different styles of art. Rarible holds my collectibles project STACY, while Foundation, HEN, Makersplace hold my 1/1 artworks.
That’s a link to my Showtime Profile. All the NFTs I’ve ever created / collected show up there.

Thank you for reaching out, and inviting me!
I appreciate it. Have a beautiful weekend! & Good luck to all your endeavours :)

Much love,

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