CoinBurp NFT Artist Interview Series — DefacedStudio

3 min readApr 23, 2021


This week CoinBurp is interviewing DefacedStudio, an emerging abstract artist, based in the UK. With an impressive portfolio that looks to revolutionise the NFT art scene it’s clear to see why he has already built an engaged community around his fantastic works.

Defaced Studio, thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Congrats on your ‘Tartarus’ sale last month, 5 ETH is quite astonishing. How did you first get into creating digital art?

Thank you mate, I appreciate it! I probably started when I was around 10 playing about in Paint.NET making my own ‘Castle Crashers’ characters.

Your work primarily consists of a range of abstract digital art, making great use of interesting shapes and colours to deliver highly memorable artwork. Your portfolio speaks for itself:

What are your inspirations? This could be artists (NFT or non-NFTs), TV shows, music, or any random thing on the internet!

I’m really inspired by Jim Henson and his work with the character design and worlds he created. I think the Jim Henson Company has some of the most memorable characters in pop culture, alongside a lot of the positive messaging. Nintendo is another inspiration of mine, I think the Mario franchise has some of gaming’s best world and character design with insane staying power. Takashi Murakami, Kaws, Basquiat, Bacon, Condo also have helped form my work.

What is the most important personality trait when creating art (especially NFT art)?

I think persistence is the most important trait when creating anything really, because things will go wrong and persistence keeps you moving.

What is your work process from idea to finish?

I usually don’t start with an idea so look round on Pinterest for 20 minutes and develop a vision of where I want to take the piece or if I want to work on anything in particular like character design or landscapes.I’ll then start building using the shape and pen tools in Adobe Illustrator- sometimes it’s incredibly straightforward and sometimes it can take hours. I then add colour using gradients and that’s usually it!

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been dominating the world news for the past year thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Cryptopunks, and of course, the famous Beeple $69M NFT purchase. What are your honest thoughts on the cryptocurrency and NFT space right now?

I think it’s possibly the biggest opportunity in my lifetime. Offering the potential for monetary and artistic freedom. These opportunities can really overwhelm you as there’s a big incentive to capitalise on what could be a bubble for art so a lot of people are burnt out trying to make the most of it. Alongside a constant barrage of articles and opinions on the space. I’ve seen a lot of people talk about their mental health suffering in the NFT space which is relatable as there are a lot of highs and lows with no guarantees of success.

What are your other passions besides creating art?

I’m really into MMA and do a bit of boxing. I also love music, Prince is one of my favourite artists.

This is something CoinBurp asks new starters in the company as part of their Q&A interviews that get posted on the blog, but the answers are always great! What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

Oh man, probably Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. The CoinBurp team can’t wait to see you grow as an artist!

Post some links to where people can find your artwork and social media accounts. Also, feel free to shout out anything else you wish.

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