CoinBurp NFT artist interview series — Robin Graphics

Dreamy, other-worldly and magical are all words used to describe the work of CoinBurp’s special guest this week, Robin Graphics. An avid NFT creator and collector, Robin uses unique inspirations to create his masterpieces, find out what they are, read on.

Robin, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with CoinBurp.

Fantastic work on your most recent release, “Far From Home”, it looks incredible. How did you first get into creating digital art?

Hi dear CoinBurp Team! It is an honor for me that you invited me for the interview!
When I got my first PC I was obsessed with the possibilities of graphic design and digital creation. I was a graphic designer for several years but I always created dreamy scenes in my freetime to take a small break of client work. I also drew a lot with pen and paper when I was a little kid, so I always had a creative mind.

Your work primarily consists of celestial, dreamy worlds and magic landscapes.

What are your inspirations? This could be artists (NFT or non-NFTs), TV shows, music, or any random thing on the internet!

My inspirations come from my dreams! I often wake up with an idea in my head and can’t wait to recreate that scene I saw when I was asleep digitally. My art is a journey through my dreams :)

Can you tell the audience about your first NFT release and how it relates to your traditional body of work?

My first NFT release was “Core Of Harmony” which I minted on Rarible. It is a 3D-Looping animation. It is far away from my usual style, but when I first heard about NFTs I only saw 3D art so I minted that one 3D piece I made some time ago.

But pretty much all of my work it’s a colorful piece with the goal to satisfy the viewer/ collector.

What is your work process from idea to finish?

After being inspired by my dream I always try to make a quick sketch, so I don’t forget the idea when I am not able to work on it instantly. Most of my art is done in Adobe Photoshop. After sketching the scene I am building the artwork step by step, which usually takes days or weeks. The final product often looks not at all like the sketch but is heavily inspired by it. Some of my ideas come during the creation process itself and the project is often restarted again and again until I am happy with the final art piece.

Cryptocurrencies and NFT have been dominating the world news for the past year thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Cryptopunks, and of course, the famous Beeple $69M NFT purchase. What are your honest thoughts on the cryptocurrency and NFT space right now?

I am not a financial expert but I think that crypto currencies and NFTs are the future. Crypto and NFTs enable digital ownership which is a great thing regarding we are heading into a digitalized future!
The NFT space itself is the most amazing community I have ever been in in my life. I found so many new friends with the same passion as me!

What are your other passions besides creating art?

I love coffee, and cars! And apart from creating art I still love to work on graphic designs from time to time.

This is something CoinBurp asks new starters in the company as part of their Q&A interviews that get posted on the blog, but the answers are always great! What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

This is a hard one but I would probably Star Wars. I loved it when I was a kid and I still do.
A lot of people don’t like it at all though, which is a miracle to me. I especially love the effects and the techniques of film making they used to create a galaxy far, far away…

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. The CoinBurp team can’t wait to see you grow as an artist!

Post some links to where people can find your artwork and social media accounts. Also, feel free to shout out anything else you wish.

Thank you for having me! I loved answering the questions.
Here are my social media accounts:

Have a nice day!

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