CoinBurp Partnership Spotlight: BCB Group

Today is a big day for Coinburp, entering into a strategic partnership with BCB Group. Not only is BCB Group CoinBurp’s banking provider, but they’re also the most credible crypto-dedicated payment services provider in all of Europe. Their impressive list of well-known clients in this space includes Kraken, Coinbase, Galaxy, and Bitstamp. Further, BCB Group is also a payment services provider in over 30 currencies, as well as offering forex, crypto liquidity and digital asset custody. They provide a vast array of services, backed by an impeccable track record and were the first in Europe to launch a real-time payments and settlement network, BLINC, for participants in the digital asset ecosystem.

BCB Group has built its reputation on developing products that aid investors who wish to enter the crypto market, providing them with a seamless experience throughout. In light of this, this partnership presents an exciting opportunity for BCB Group and Coinburp alike.

With the feverish pace at which the crypto market is growing and the reluctance of traditional banks to capitalize on meeting this demand, this alliance with BCB Group will create more possibilities to bring the crypto exchange and NFT wallet to the masses. Now, more traders will be able to reap the benefits the platform provides, such as executing transactions easily and instantly without having to pay deposit and trading fees.

Overall, it’s excing what this partnership will bring and thank BCB Group for their endorsement. Further, we believe this agreement will provide both businesses with a robust outlook.

BCB Group’s CEO Oliver von Landsberg Sadie writes: “BCB are delighted to enter into this partnership with CoinBurp, whose business is as refreshingly upbeat as their brand. Working closely with Pete and the team since the early days of both businesses, and have enjoyed watching CoinBurp develop and grow into the business which it is today. CoinBurp brings to the UK crypto market an exciting blend of entrepreneurial spirit and no-nonsense approach to compliance, which makes them an ideal partner for BCB Group.”

About CoinBurp

CoinBurp is the leading cryptocurrency trading exchange in the UK. In addition to making the first-ever NFT crypto wallet that bridges the gap between CeFi and DeFi. The platform provides investors with a secure and straightforward way to buy, sell, and trade their favorite cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the advent of the $BURP** token allows users to purchase and exchange unique NFTs within the ecosystem. CoinBurp supports a wide range of fiat and cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, XLM, LTC, British Pound, and Euro. Regularly offering perks to the community, such as prizes and raffles to ensure total customer satisfaction.

About BCB Group

BCB Group is Europe’s most trusted cryptocurrency payment provider, holding accounts with some of the world’s most prominent crypto-financial institutions. BCB Group is an all-in-one digital asset service provider that features a wide range of services, including: payment processing, cryptocurrency trading, and custody services accessible through a unified API-enabled platform.

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** The above tokens are issued by Cede Fields LTD (a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands) and distributed by Kucoin and

Important Information

Cryptocurrencies are generally not regulated and investors do not have access to recourse or compensation schemes such as, for example, in the UK, the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be high risk and investors should carefully evaluate their appetite for risk and their understanding of trading cryptocurrencies prior to entering into a transaction.




Cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK. Gains are subject to taxable charges. Cryptocurrency can be highly volatile. Capital at risk.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK. Gains are subject to taxable charges. Cryptocurrency can be highly volatile. Capital at risk.

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