CoinBurp Partnership Spotlight: Crypto Prophecies

CoinBurp is proud to be extending our network across the blockchain gaming world. Our industrious team has been working progressively towards our mission of bringing NFTs and DeFi to a wider audience in a seamless fashion. We are ecstatic to be unifying yet another collaboration in the NFT gaming world and this time we have instilled a partnership with The Crypto Prophecies — a DeFi price prediction trading game. The partnership will entail exclusive NFTs from Crypto Prophecies being made available through the CoinBurp platform.

Crypto Prophecies — The Worlds Cutest Price Prediction Trading Game

The Crypto Prophecies is a decentralised peer-to-peer price prediction game, built on the Polygon’s layer 2 solution (formerly Matic), that has NFT characters and magic items that are used to compete in a mystical world. A wager based game where players go head-to-head and battle it out over the candles, predicting how each one will close. Within the game the Crypto Prophet characters are your secret weapon and players must summon them, nurture them and utilise their magic powers to overthrow opponents in the battle arena. Prophets are rare NFT collectables that can be customised with magical items to make them more powerful and have the opportunity to earn daily, weekly and monthly rewards.

CoinBurp — Extending our Outreach to the BEST NFT Projects

CoinBurp is extending our outreach to the most prominent NFT projects in the blockchain gaming industry. Crypto Prophecies represents a match in our vision of bringing NFTs and DeFi to the masses, through their combination of both aspects within their gaming model. The game connects DeFi and NFTs through a blockchain based infrastructure — decentralized price prediction utilising NFTs — not only with the characters being NFTs, but also the in-game items such as the Prophet Orbs, Wand Cubes, Cape Diamonds and Pet Eggs which are used to summon the characters. The game contains a “Kingdom Fee’’ which is 3% of the total wager charged as a taxation on every game played in the Battle Arena. This 3% is re-distributed and burned to benefit the gaming economy through 10% house fee, 50% burned and 40% going into a daily prize pool — a DeFi model benefitting the community.

Based on the partnership, CEO of CoinBurp, Peter Wood remarked,

“We are happy to be extending our network to the biggest and best NFT projects within the DeFi and blockchain gaming industry. Blockchain based games are becoming an ever-growing area and we are excited to be bringing innovative play-to-earn blockchain gaming projects like The Crypto Prophecies into our ecosystem.”

Following the collaboration, Paul Lindsell, CEO of The Crypto Prophecies stated,

“We are fully supportive of CoinBurp’s mission to make crypto and NFTs more user friendly and easy to access! Across the entire crypto sphere, the barriers to entry in DeFi and NFTs are still really high for inexperienced newcomers. The steps that CoinBurp are taking really make it easy for ‘newbies’ to get into the NFT space and start playing games such as ours, The Crypto Prophecies.”

CoinBurp is a leading crypto trading platform in the UK, offering an easy way to buy and store the most popular crypto assets in the world.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK. Gains are subject to taxable charges. Cryptocurrency can be highly volatile. Capital at risk.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK. Gains are subject to taxable charges. Cryptocurrency can be highly volatile. Capital at risk.

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