CoinBurp Partnership Spotlight: NFT Boxes

CoinBurp loves innovation, creativity, and more or less anything that involves Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). CoinBurp also loves collaboration, and for that reason and many more, CoinBurp is partnering up with a brilliant project, NFT Boxes.

Together, CoinBurp and NFT boxes will be offering users exclusive NFTs through the CoinBurp platform, as well as offering them up as prizes during upcoming raffles; CoinBurp will be working to innovate and upgrade the NFT communities as well as their respective markets.

Unique Packaging

NFT Boxes is a project created by NFT pioneer ‘Pranksy’, an individual who began amassing their NFT collection way back in 2017. Starting with a mere $600, Pranksy was able to build one of the most valuable NFT collections on Earth, which is now worth approximately $9 million.

Users of the platform purchase an ‘NFT Box’ which contains around 10 NFTs curated by Pranksy. Each box comes with its own theme picked by the headline artist of the box, which is also another significant factor as the team at NFT Boxes are working to build a win/win system for both consumers and artists.

According to NFT Boxes, artists will always receive their revenue share upfront, which is a model designed to help them gain new fans. For the customers, NFT Boxes prides itself on the uniquely curated boxes which they know give users real bang for their buck.

Better Together

This partnership with NFT Boxes is not just to bring users awesome and exclusive digital collectables, but also because they share CoinBurp’s community-driven, artist-focused attitude toward NFTs. In the case of NFT Boxes especially, artists are treated fairly first and foremost.

At CoinBurp, the aim is to bring users a DeFi/NFT gateway that’ll facilitate their every desire, which will include various Centralised and Decentralised Finance applications and protocols. Check out the NFT Boxes website here, and be sure to check out the CoinBurp DeFi/NFT Wallet to see what is in store.

Important Information

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