Highest NFT sales for August 2021

There’s a new heavy hitter in town, but will it be enough to take the top spot from the dominant Larva Labs, creators of CryptoPunks and Meebits. This month alone there have been more than $1.65 billion spent on NFTs, that’s a mind-blowing increase from $360 million, seeing growth of more than 4x!

As is tradition, thank you to NonFungible.com for providing all the data used below.

So here are the top 5 NFT sales from August 2021!

5) Fidenza #313

Project: Art Blocks

Last Sale Price: US$2,820,640.00 /

1,000 ETH

First Sale Price: US$412.44 /

0.17 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$2,822,464.91

Artist Tyler HobbsFidenza line consists of 999 unique Art Blocks which create a pattern of colorful squares and rectangles generated through an algorithm. The previous owner bought this piece for a mere $1,400 and it has now sold for over $2.8 million. Not a bad profit.

4) Ͼ #2066

Project: CryptoPunks

Last Sale Price: US$3,389,633.60 / 1,201.725 ETH

First Sale Price: US$1,459,440.00 / 500 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$4,849,073.60

In typical “Highest NFT” fashion we have our first CryptoPunk. A 24x24 zombie with a cool beanie and beaming red eyes, it looks awesome! Collectables have been blowing up the last months and it’s clear to see, with this digital avatar selling for over $3 million.

3) Ͼ #2338

Project: CryptoPunks

Last Sale Price: US$4,230,960.00 / 1,500 ETH

First Sale Price: US$674.34 / 2.5 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$4,232,761.99

Another CryptoPunk with zombie skin? But this guy’s a real punk, with his sharp mohawk he’s been through quite the journey, from his first sale price of $674 he recently sold for more than $4 million. Crazy!

2) Ͼ #7252

Project: CryptoPunks

Last Sale Price: US$4,513,024.00 / 1,600 ETH

First Sale Price: US$2,527,700.00 / 1,000 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$7,040,724.00

Three in a row! Another zombie punk joins the list, though this one has some crazy red hair matching his eyes, with a gold earring and brown chinstrap beard. With some highly desirable traits in the CryptoPunk community, he looks incredible.

1) Ringers #879

Project: Art Blocks

Last Sale Price: US$5,077,152.00 / 1,800 ETH

First Sale Price: US$129.37 / 0.1 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$5,079,403.35

And the winner is… Ringers #879. This record-breaking piece makes excellent use of abstract shapes through the use of an interesting algorithm. Made by Dmitri Cherniak, these pieces are made with variables including peg count, sizing, layout, wrap orientation, and a few colourful flourishes for good measure. And the stars have aligned to make this variation the most valuable NFT in August.

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