Highest NFT Sales for May 2021

4 min readJun 2, 2021

Regardless of the market conditions, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) remain a popular asset class with a cool $250 million worth of NFT sales in this latest 30-day period.

In the past month, CryptoPunks creators Larva Labs, launched their new digital collectibles project, Meebits, which has dominated the markets and broken sale records on leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea.io.

CoinBurp would like to thank NonFungible.com for providing all the data below. So here are the top 5 sales from May 2021!

5) Meebit #776

Project: Meebits

Last Sale Price: US$1,318,753.80 / 390 ETH

First Sale Price: US$8,010.80 / 2.43 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$1,326,764.60

This bald Meebit is the first of four to make it on to the top five list. This ‘visitor’ type is sporting denim coloured regular pants, headphones, sliders and a collared shirt over its logo tee. Whilst not the most valuable on the list (by a very small margin), the simple stylish look is great.

4) Meebit #2948

Project: Meebits

Last Sale Price: US$1,345,424.00 / 400 ETH

First Sale Price: US$8,206.61 / 2.471 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$1,353,630.61

Another ‘visitor’ type makes the list and is one of the two on this list to have both green skin and have an Invader Tee, which may see an indicator of value within the Meebits metaverse. With a white hat, athletic shorts, and some rather robust-looking work boots, this Meebit ranks among the best of them.

3) Ͼ #1190

Project: CryptoPunks

Last Sale Price: US$1,410,736.00 / 400 ETH

First Sale Price: US$12,583.04 / 32 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$1,442,328.64

Seemingly, the combinations of rather hardcore elements atop the zombie green skin make for a particularly valuable NFT. A simple yet effective combination of a zombie plus handlebars, an earring, bandana, and cigarette make this CryptoPunk one of the most downright hardcore Punks on the market.

If last month’s top 5 NFT sales are anything to go by, it seems as though the brains at Larva Labs have become trailblazers, as last month they dominated with CryptoPunks, and this month, Meebits.

2) Meebit #8598

Project: CryptoPunks

Last Sale Price: US$1,457,404.20 / 420 ETH

First Sale Price: US$8,026.00 / 2.444 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$2,509,136.09

The trend of green skin creating value within Larva Labs lives on, as this minimalist Meebit is donning cargo pants in camo, with an invader tee also in matching camo. It’s a quality look, though its head looks a little chilly.

1) Meebit #10761

Project: Meebits

Last Sale Price: US$2,674,665.00 / 700 ETH

First Sale Price: US$2,674,665.00 / 700 ETH

Accumulated Sales: US$2,674,665.00

Here’s a pretty spectacular NFT, it’s the most valuable Meebit in existence, making its market debut at an extraordinary price.

This fleshy ‘dissected’ type is rocking a stylized hoodie with athletic shorts. With no shoes and a ‘bald’ hairstyle (it would be interesting to see this type with hair or a hat), this Meebit has shattered records and is proof that there is almost no reasoning behind its value, considering that it’s only other dissected type relative is worth 2.454 ETH.

Just in case you were wondering what Meebits are, they’re a limited set of 20,000 NFTs that creators, Larva Labs, hope to be used as avatars within “virtual worlds, games, and VR.”

When Meebits went to market, each was auctioned at an initial price of 2.5 ETH, which at the time were worth approximately $8,400; as you can see, these have now resulted in six or seven-figure sales. According to data from Dune Analytics, Larva Labs managed to rake in just under $80 million from the auction.

Going from 2D pixel avatars to 3D characters is quite a leap for NFT-maverick firm Larva Labs. Considering their meteoric rise to the forefront of NFT, the firm appears to have its eyes set on interactive worlds for their NFTs.

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