Highest NFT Sales for October 2021

3 min readNov 4, 2021

There were over 1 million NFT sales in October, but today we’re only worried about the top 5 most expensive. With a lot of top projects and quality NFTs floating about the market this month, who will take the top spot? Spooky season has just finished. Could we see a shock winner?

Thanks to NonFungible.com for supplying the data for this list and without a further ado let’s get into the Top 5 Highest selling NFT sales for October 2021:

5) Ͼ #4992

Project: CryptoPunks

Last Sale Price:$1,810,687.50 / 450 ETH

First Sale Price: $203,104.06 / 61.3 ETH

Accumulated Sales: $2,013,791.56

Making their unsurprising entry into the Highest NFT sales list, are CryptoPunks, and their first entry into the list is Ͼ #4992, an awesome-looking hooded Punk. To us he looks like a classic hacker. He’s not giving much away hiding his face behind his cool sunglasses, but what secrets could he be hiding?

4) SUPR #29757

Project: SuperRare

Last Sale Price: $1,970,176.84 / 483.07 ETH

First Sale Price: $1,970,176.84 / 483.07 ETH

Accumulated Sales: $1,970,176.84

Coming in hot at number 4 is this SuperRare piece. You may have noticed the first, last and accmulate sale price being the exact same.That’s no glitch, this is the first time this piece has been sold. Crazy. But what is it of? We’ll leave that up to your imagination.

3) Ͼ #1422

Project: CryptoPunks

Last Sale Price: $2,009,680.00 / 500 ETH

First Sale Price: $45.42 / 0.2 ETH

Accumulated Sales: $2,009,799.68

CryptoPunks strike again with Ͼ #1422. Another hooded Punk, this time with some epic blue eyes and classic smoking pipe. What’s most interesting about this 24x24 image is it’s history, it really shows how far NFTs have come. With the first sale being around $45 / 0.2 ETH just over 4 years ago to now selling for more than $2 million / 500 ETH. Keep your eyes peeled for where it’ll be in 4 years time.

2) SUPR #24644

Project: SuperRare

Last Sale Price: $2,584,579.19 / 715.5 ETH

First Sale Price: $325,569.42 / 130.295 ETH

Accumulated Sales: $2,910,148.60

Beeple’s special cover for TIME Magazine’s May 10th/17th 2021 issue, ‘TIME The Future of Business’, sold for over $2.5 million last month, making it the second highest sale of October. The piece features his computer interface mid-design, a cool insight into his artistic process as we get a peek behind the curtain.

1) BAYC #8585

Project: Bored Ape Yacht Club

Last Sale Price: $2,705,138.81 / 696.969 ETH

First Sale Price: $228.76 / 0.08 ETH

Accumulated Sales: $3,957,053.11

And the winner is… BAYC #8585! This colourful king takes the crown for the highest selling NFT in October, selling for $2.7 million. His fluorescent skin, cute heart sunglasses and regal crown make this guy a truly valuable piece.

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