Oct 5, 2021

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Highest NFT sales for September 2021

The volume of sales have fallen by around 50% since August, but don’t fret, accumulated sales totalled over $450 million. The second-highest month of all time! It’s still very early days for NFT adoption with a lot of use-cases being tried and tested as we speak, making the future very exciting.

We’d like to thank for providing all the data we’ll be using below. So here are the top 5 sales from September 2021!

5) All time high in the city

Project: Superrare

Last Sale Price: $2,937,020.00 / 1,000 ETH

First Sale Price: $91.22 / 0.5 ETH

Accumulated Sales: $2,939,536.40

A 30,000x increase from it’s first sale price, this haunting piece features a character depicting death with another being, who looks to be in a suit, together in a rowing boat. A 1/1 this piece is truly unique and scratchy animation makes us feel very uneasy.

4. Some Asshole

Project: SuperRare

First Sale Price: $352.51 / 0.5 ETH

Last Sale Price: $3,864,874.00 / 1,300 ETH

Accumulated Sales: $4,056,238.26

Another entry from SuperRare sees this colourful abstract piece that sold for nearly $4 million after it’s debut sale of just $352.51, crazy. Art is always up for interpretation, what do you make of it? To us, it looks like a confused portrait of a human who is a bit all over the place.

3. Ͼ #6275

Project: CryptoPunks

First Sale Price: $3,907,420.00 / 1,000 ETH

Last Sale Price: $5,142,530.39 / 1,319 ETH

Accumulated Sales: $9,049,950.39

This hardcore Punk is looking menacing, with his devilish bloodshot eyes not forgetting the stylish mohawk. This guy’s a reall punk.

2. Ͼ #6275

Project: CryptoPunks

First Sale Price: $3,907,420.00 / 1,000 ETH

Last Sale Price: $5,142,530.39 / 1,319 ETH

Accumulated Sales: $9,049,950.39

No this isn’t a glitch, this Punk was sold the same day it was purchased meaning it’s second and third on this months list of the highest NFT sales.

  1. Ͼ #8857

Project: CryptoPunks

First Sale Price: $1,663.06 / 2.5 ETH

Last Sale Price: $6,641,920.00 / 2,000 ETH

Accumulated sales: $6,643,583.06

And the winner is Ͼ #8857, the hip 24x24 zombie CryptoPunk, with his wild hair and stylish 3D glasses looks awesome. An honourable champion.

Fun fact: This is the first time this CryptoPunk has changed hands, giving the original owner a profit of $6.64 million

There it is, Larva Labs retake their crown with their massively popular CryptoPunk series.

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