How to Enter the NFT Raffle

This comprehensive guide will guide users on how to enter the NFT Raffle on

The NFT Raffle was launched on and users can currently enter the NFT Raffle to be in with the chance to win some of the exclusive Sandbox and generative MealDrops NFTs.

Since 27th September, stakers have been able to enter their raffle tickets which have been earned by staking in the Burp dApp. So far over 1500 tickets have already been entered for this month’s prize draw, which will take place on Sunday 31st October, at (MIDDAY) 12pm UTC.

Enter the monthly NFT Raffle on

The first step is to stake $BURP on the dApp in order to earn Raffle Tickets which are used to enter the NFT Raffle. You can learn more about how to stake $BURP in the How to Stake Guide.

1. To get started users should connect their web3 compatible wallet to the Burp dApp.

2. When staking your $BURP the amount of Raffle Tickets you will be rewarded is displayed along with the Reward Multiplier depending on the length of your stake.

3. Users can view their Raffle Tickets on the Raffle page. There users can see their tickets available to claim and the total Tickets they have been rewarded from staking.

4. Users should click on the claim tickets button which will pop up another window which will display all stakes and raffle tickets awarded per stake.

Users should then click “claim tickets” from their preferred stake to claim from. This will pop up a metamask transaction window which needs to be confirmed. Tickets can only be claimed from an individual stake once every 24 hours per stake.

5. Once the transaction has been confirmed for the ticket claim, users will see their tickets in the “enable raffle” column. The “enable raffle” button should now be clicked now to open another metamask transaction which will enter the tickets into the NFT Raffle.

Once this transaction is processed your tickets will be entered. There is no limit to the amount of tickets that can be entered into the NFT Raffle, however, gas fees will be incurred for each entry transaction.

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About CoinBurp

CoinBurp is the cryptocurrency platform partner for the $BURP ecosystem that includes Cede Fields Ltd for token issuance and CB Defined Ltd for DeFi products. CoinBurp is the design partner of the MealDrops NFT series. The tokens are not issued or controlled by CoinBurp.

About $BURP

$BURP is the official token of the $BURP ecosystem of products including but not limited to non-custodial token management, staking mechanisms, NFT raffles.

Important Information

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