MealDrops by CoinBurp: Generative-NFT series

Introducing a brand-new series of 500 variable-rarity, generative-NFTs that celebrate FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD. Please, Sir, can I have some more?

5 min readAug 19, 2021

What is a MealDrops NFT?

MealDrops by CoinBurp is a brand-new series of 500 variable-rarity, generative-NFTs that celebrate FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD.

Whether it be a stack of cheese-dripping pepperoni pizza, a Herculean mountain of saucy spaghetti meatballs, or a freshly caught roasted salmon on a bed of seasonal vegetables, MealDrops will take you on a journey of world food — by honouring the best meals, the places that made them, and more super-exciting surprises along the way!

Examples of MealDrops NFTs

Each MealDrops NFT can include up to 9 elements. There are 5 mandatory elements and 4 optional elements:

Mandatory elements

Mandatory elements include the Location, Table, Bowl, Food and Frame.

  • Location — The Location dominates the top half of the NFT to set the scene.
  • Table — The Table dominates the bottom half of the NFT to serve as a platform on which the Bowl, Food and Tables Items are placed.
  • Bowl — The Bowl is placed at the centre of the Table to support the Food.
  • Food — The Food is placed inside the Bowl at the centre of the Table.
  • Frame — The Frame is overlaid around the edges of the NFT, and its colour depends on the NFT’s overall rarity i.e. Common: White, Uncommon: Green, Rare: Blue, Epic: Purple, Legendary: Gold.

Optional elements

Optional elements include 4 Table Items. Table Items are placed in each corner of the Table. Table Items 1, 2 and 3 are not food related and can be anything from a cowboy hat, diamond ring or a model car! Table Item 4 is a type of Drink.

  • Table Item 1 (Back-left corner)
  • Table Item 2 (Back-right corner)
  • Table Item 3 (Front-left corner)
  • Table Item 4/Drink (Front-right corner)
Left to right: Location, Table, Bowl, Food, Frame and Table Items

What makes MealDrops NFTs ‘generative’?

The CoinBurp team have been working hard cooking up an algorithm to generate MealDrops NFTs. The algorithm pours all possible NFT elements into a pot, gives it a stir, then chooses elements to serve up randomised combinations of MealDrops NFTs. Think of it as your private Michelin star chef!!!

Why are some MealDrops NFTs rarer than others?

The rarity of a MealDrops NFT depends on its combination of elements chosen at random by the CoinBurp algorithm, and is indicated by the colour of the Frame which is overlaid around the edges of the NFT i.e. Common: White, Uncommon: Green, Rare: Blue, Epic: Purple, Legendary: Gold.

Super Combos

The Legendary MealDrops NFTs are the rarest of them all! An NFT is considered Legendary when its randomised combination of elements are in perfect synchronicity. This is called a Super Combo. To be a Super Combo, the following elements must be synchronised:

  • Location
  • Table
  • Bowl
  • Food
  • Table Item 3 (Front-left corner)

For example — Location: Italian city alleyway, Table: Red and white chequered cloth, Bowl: White porcelain, Food: Meatballs in a mountain of spaghetti, Table Item 3 (Front-left corner): Gold candle. Wow, just look at that Legendary, golden Frame!!!

Example of a Super Combo — ‘MeatBaller’

How can you own a MealDrops NFT?

MealDrops NFTs can be won in the NFT raffle on, in addition to limited-edition NFTs provided by prize partners, such as The Sandbox Game, NFT Boxes and Avastars.*

There are 100 variable-rarity MealDrops NFTs to be won per NFT raffle:

  • Legendary — 1 NFT
  • Epic — 7 NFTs
  • Rare — 12 NFTs
  • Uncommon — 20 NFTs
  • Common — 60 NFTs

Now THAT’s a menu!!!

(It is also possible for MealDrops NFTs and NFT raffle tickets to be available on popular NFT marketplaces on which they may be listed for purchase.)

Stake $BURP to earn NFT raffle tickets

To enter the NFT raffle, you must own a raffle ticket, which can be earned by staking $BURP token on*

When you stake $BURP tokens, you are awarded shares. Shares are awarded at the rate of 1 share per staked $BURP token (the base multiplier of 1x). To start earning NFT raffle tickets, you must stake enough $BURP tokens to exceed a total of 5000 shares per month for the duration of your stake.

But have no fear — shares can be increased with reward multipliers! There are two ways to multiply your shares:

  • Increase the time period that your stake is locked (the minimum length of time you can stake $BURP tokens is 1 month, and the maximum is 1 year).
  • Apply a MealDrops NFTs to your stake (or other stake-compatible NFTs provided by prize partners of*

For example — you could generate 5000 shares, and therefore earn a $BURP NFT ticket every month, by staking 2000 $BURP tokens and choosing a 6 months staking period (2.5x multiplier).

What can you do with a MealDrops NFT?

MealDrops NFTs can be applied to $BURP token stakes on* When applied to a stake, the NFT multiplies the stake’s APR and the rate at which you receive tickets for future NFT raffles. Remember — the rarer the MealDrops NFT, the more juicy the rewards!

$BURP token stake multipliers by MealDrops NFT rarity

So — what are you waiting for?

Stake $BURP token at today and earn NFT raffle tickets, then enter NFT raffles to have a chance at winning your very own MealDrops NFTs.* Don’t be left feeling hungry!!!

*$BURP tokens are issued by Cede Fields LTD (a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands) and distributed by Kucoin, and Polkastarter. $BURP tokens are not issued by CoinBurp LTD. DeFi services (such as $BURP token staking and the $BURP NFT raffle) are provided by CB Defined LTD (a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands). DeFi services are not provided by CoinBurp LTD. Cede Fields LTD, CB Defined LTD and CoinBurp LTD are in partnership, and not a single entity.




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