Aug 19, 2021

5 min read

MealDrops by CoinBurp: Generative-NFT series

Introducing a brand-new series of 500 variable-rarity, generative-NFTs that celebrate FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD. Please, Sir, can I have some more?

What is a MealDrops NFT?

Examples of MealDrops NFTs

Mandatory elements

Optional elements

Left to right: Location, Table, Bowl, Food, Frame and Table Items

What makes MealDrops NFTs ‘generative’?

Why are some MealDrops NFTs rarer than others?

Super Combos

Example of a Super Combo — ‘MeatBaller’

How can you own a MealDrops NFT?

Stake $BURP to earn NFT raffle tickets

What can you do with a MealDrops NFT?

$BURP token stake multipliers by MealDrops NFT rarity

So — what are you waiting for?