Partnership Spotlight: Big Town Chef — CoinBurp partner delving into Play 2 Earn and GameFi

3 min readNov 23, 2021

Partnership Spotlight: Big Town Chef — CoinBurp partner delving into Play 2 Earn and GameFi

In this week’s partnership spotlight announcement CoinBurp is extremely excited to see one of our Burp ecosystem partners further developing to enter the GameFi and Play 2 Earn arena with a fun-filled animation game. The name of the game is Big Town Chef and is a play 2 earn NFT-based online game that puts players’ farming, trading and battling skills to the ultimate test in the race to become Big Town’s most celebrated chef.

Exponential Industry Growth

The gaming metaverse industry has taken a powerful growth period, as communities come together and innovative minds build blockchain based games together from all over the world, but remotely. In 2019 the annual revenue of the gaming industry was $146 Billion and continues to outshine the music and TV/Film industries.

Play2Earn has been an industry sector that has seen major developments in 2021, namely with the transition of pay to play model of gaming, utilising cryptocurrencies and in-game rewards that incentivise players to play more and get to further stages in the game. Check out our article on How Play To Earn is Redefining the Gaming Industry.

Big Town Chef: From Chef Avatars to a GameFi World of Trading and Battling

The ticket to the Big Town Chef game is the avatar itself, for users to get their ticket to the Gamified Chef world they will need a chef itself. The Chef characters are of several different character types, have different visual properties and also have various skill attributes. Within the game farming, trading and battling are incorporated meaning that users will be able to acquire a piece of land called “the patch” where they can grow ingredients that they can sell on the market or use as part of meals in cook-off battles. Trading will be incorporated through the Big Town Chef secondary marketplace where chefs can buy and sell in-game items such as seeds, grain and other collectables found within the “Big Town”. Battling brings the community competitiveness to the game meaning that users will be able to battle in cook-offs, bringing their best ingredients to battle it out for who has more completed orders, tips, returns and revenue, just like a real restaurant in the gastronomy world.

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