The MealDrops NFTs Have Arrived!

The MealDrops NFTs Have Arrived!

What are Generative NFTs?

What are MealDrops?

  • Food meal
  • Drink
  • Location
  • Table
  • Bowl
  • Back-left item
  • Back-right item
  • Front-left item

Generative NFTs Celebrating Food!

Rarity Tiers

  • Common — drink only
  • Uncommon — drink + 1 optional item
  • Rare — drink + 2 optional items
  • Epic — drink + 3 optional items
  • Legendary — unique front left item only
  • Food meal: Roasted salmon
  • Location: Swiss Alps
  • Table: Steel worktop
  • Bowl: Stainless steel bowl
  • Back-left: Ski goggles
  • Back-right: Baby doll
  • Front-left: Ruby ring
  • Drink: Pint of beer

Super Combos

Staking MealDrops

How to Participate — Don’t Miss Out on MealDrops NFTs

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