NFT Raffle LIVE — Today, 27 Sept! Stake to Earn Tickets for Exclusive NFT Prizes

6 min readSep 27, 2021


The time has finally arrived for the NFT Raffle to go live! This means that users that have already been stacking up tickets from staking $BURP tokens will be able to claim tickets and get their entries in for the first NFT Raffle!

Take a look at the NFT Raffle Launch Video:

Today — Monday 27th September 2021 at 12:00PM UTC users will be able to claim their tickets from and enter them into the first monthly raffle to be in with a chance of winning some MealDrops or Sandbox partnered NFTs.

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The Concept of the NFT Raffle

The NFT Raffle will take place monthly and the first prize draw is set for the end of October. From Monday, users will be able to claim tickets and start entering for the first ever NFT Raffle with prizes co-branded by CoinBurp and The Sandbox.

This new concept uses a circular DeFi rewards system by giving stakers the chance to enter a monthly NFT Raffle to potentially win NFTs from the selected Burp partners. Not only can the NFTs be used in the Metaverse and traded on NFT marketplaces, but they also contain Reward Multipliers that can be applied to a stake. This provides a whole new concept and increases the benefits of owning NFTs.

What are the Prizes?

The Burp project is bridging into GameFi and the Metaverse, and introducing top gaming and NFT projects into the Burp ecosystem. Every month the Burp partners will provide exclusive NFTs for prizes. Prizes will be either Generative or 3D digital NFTs that can be imported into the gaming metaverse.

For the monthly NFT Raffle on there will be 200 NFTs to be won:

  • 100 Generative NFTs
  • 100 Partner NFTs

The First Raffle Prizes

The first set of NFTs up for grabs in the monthly raffle are MealDrops and The Sandbox collaboration with CoinBurp.

MealDrops is a brand-new series of 500 variable-rarity, generative-NFTs that celebrate FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD. Each MealDrops NFT contains metadata describing a unique image. Each image comprises mandatory elements (e.g. a food) and some also have optional elements (e.g. a drink). Each image may only contain a maximum of one item in each element.

The Sandbox NFTs are a collaboration between Sandbox and CoinBurp, who are both proud partners of the Burp Token project. Within the Sandbox metaverse, users will be able to import the collaborated NFTs actually into the game, and use them, race them, fly them and show them off on their own plots. Check the Sandbox NFTs below:

CoinBurp Pepper Racer

CoinBurp Saloon

CoinBurp Donut Truck

CoinBurp Hot Cake Balloon

CoinBurp Taco Boat

Going Beyond NFTs — Tradeable | Rewards | Multipliers

The NFTs provided as prizes for the monthly NFT Raffle go beyond just being simple NFTs. Not only can they be classified through rarity and used within gaming metaverses; these digital art and voxel animations contain special reward multipliers that can be used to multiply a stake and increase rewards through dual-staking. NFTs launched through the Burp ecosystem will have a direct impact on staking rewards thanks to dual-staking NFTs with $BURP on

Future NFT & GameFi Metaverse Partners

NFTs are exclusively made for the Burp Raffle and are variable rarity. They are co-created by the various NFT partners of the Burp ecosystem. More partners to watch out for in the future are leading NFT and GameFi platforms from Avastars, NFT Boxes, Polychain Monsters, Brokoli, Ethermon, ChainGuardians, Crypto Prophecies.

Raffle Tickets

Through staking $BURP on not only do users obtain APRs, but are also rewarded for their participation in the form of Raffle Tickets. Raffle Tickets can be earned through staking $BURP tokens. The amount and length of stake depends on how many tickets users are awarded.

There are two ways users can obtain Raffle Tickets:

  1. Earn tickets through staking on dApp. Learn how to stake here.
  2. Purchase them from a third party marketplace such as OpenSea (coming soon).

So How to Claim Tickets?

Tickets can be claimed at a maximum of once every 24 hours (per stake) — however, there is no limit to the number of tickets users may use to enter with.

There are three ways to claim tickets.

  1. Raffle Tickets section using the “Available to Claim” link (on the Raffle page)
  2. Claim tickets from an individual stake on the “My Stakes” section (of the Staking page)
  3. Withdraw your Stake (tickets will automatically be withdrawn with staked $BURP)

Users can enter the NFT Raffle with as many tickets as they wish. There is no limit to how many tickets you can enter with. You can use your collected tickets for any later NFT Raffles too. The more tickets users enter the raffle with the more chance of winning an NFT on that given prize draw. Participating in the raffle isn’t just to win any old NFT, remember that NFTs can gain users extra benefits through multiplying your stake with Reward Multipliers.

What are Reward Multipliers?

Reward Multipliers are applied to stakes and are a way that $BURP stakers can increase their rewards. There are two ways to increase the Reward Multiplier:

  1. Increasing the staking length
  2. Staking a variable rarity NFT (coming soon)

Reward Multipliers differ depending on the exact length of your stake, and the rarity of the NFT staked. Users can increase their share of the pool through Reward Multipliers that can be applied by either:

STAKING $BURP FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS — when staking $BURP for longer periods users are actively helping to support the network and are rewarded more for longer stake times.

STAKING $BURP WITH A WHITELISTED PARTNER NFT — NFTs can be won in the NFT Raffle or purchased through secondary marketplaces. Each NFT will have a different Reward Multiplier and users can increase their APR through dual-staking $BURP with the NFT.

Reward Multipliers from Dual-Staking

Staking $BURP for longer increases your reward multiplier but it’s possible to increase it further through dual-staking. Users who stake the partner NFTs with $BURP tokens will be able to multiply their locking period multiplier with their NFT multiplier to achieve even higher total reward multipliers.

Check Out the Rewards Multipliers below:

If you have been already stacking up those Raffle Tickets be sure to get entries in for the first monthly NFT Raffle to potentially get some sweet… sweet multipliers! From MIDDAY — TODAY — 12pm UTC, users will be able to claim any tickets they have been awarded and enter the first draw. And remember there is no limit to how many tickets you can enter with, so if you’ve been racking up the tickets, you’ll have a higher chance of winning by entering more tickets.

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