NFT Raffle LIVE — Today, 27 Sept! Stake to Earn Tickets for Exclusive NFT Prizes

Click here to stake now!

The Concept of the NFT Raffle

What are the Prizes?

  • 100 Generative NFTs
  • 100 Partner NFTs

The First Raffle Prizes

Going Beyond NFTs — Tradeable | Rewards | Multipliers

Future NFT & GameFi Metaverse Partners

Raffle Tickets

  1. Earn tickets through staking on dApp. Learn how to stake here.
  2. Purchase them from a third party marketplace such as OpenSea (coming soon).
  1. Raffle Tickets section using the “Available to Claim” link (on the Raffle page)
  2. Claim tickets from an individual stake on the “My Stakes” section (of the Staking page)
  3. Withdraw your Stake (tickets will automatically be withdrawn with staked $BURP)

What are Reward Multipliers?

  1. Increasing the staking length
  2. Staking a variable rarity NFT (coming soon)

Reward Multipliers from Dual-Staking



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