CoinBurp would like to thank each and every one of our partners and very supportive community in helping to progress our endeavours to bring NFTs to the world outside the crypto sphere. Last week was an immensely busy period; our partners have done an exceptional job in providing the necessary resources to aid us in delivering work developments to our product.

CoinBurp is pleased to announce yet another strategic partner added to the roster, Maven Capital, whose strategic alliance and outreach efforts have been a great help in our progressions. Maven Capital prides itself on market trend research in identifying…

The CoinBurp x Sandbox NFTs are coming soon and will be up for grabs on the $BURP Token platform in the monthly NFT Raffle. Here’s a sneak peek of the first 5 releases, from Hot Balloons to Western Saloons, these NFTs will not only present an opportunity to earn reward multipliers but will also be importable into The Sandbox metaverse!

The $BURP ecosystem has been undergoing some major developments and the successful launch of the staking dApp displays the progress that is happening behind the scenes. …

The price of art and collectables has been a particularly hot debate for generations, it leaves us wondering how one ascertains the value of a painting? Why are some pieces of art valued more than others? Why do Pokémon cards continuously phase in and out of popularity?

From stamps and baseball cards, to Rembrandt and Banksy, collector markets are fascinating, and some of their valuation principles can be applied to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). …

With some crazy cool pieces, Tonakai joined us today in an incredible interview. Based in Rio de Janeiro, he’s creating some massively unique work that’s caught the attention of NFT lovers across the globe.

CoinBurp is proud to be extending our network across the blockchain gaming world. Our industrious team has been working progressively towards our mission of bringing NFTs and DeFi to a wider audience in a seamless fashion. We are ecstatic to be unifying yet another collaboration in the NFT gaming world and this time we have instilled a partnership with The Crypto Prophecies — a DeFi price prediction trading game. The partnership will entail exclusive NFTs from Crypto Prophecies being made available through the CoinBurp platform.

Crypto Prophecies — The Worlds Cutest Price Prediction Trading Game

The Crypto Prophecies is a…

”Not your keys, not your tokens”. How many times have you heard this piece of advice within the crypto community? It may become repetitive, but becoming your own bank also involves doubling down on security, to avoid internal and outside risks. Crypto’s novelty still comes attached to some security challenges, while the barrier to set up a fully secure operation for individual traders is also high.

As a result, crypto suffers from new hacks, phishing attacks, rug pulls (inside robberies), fake websites, scam ICOs, and even fake deaths. With the rise of decentralised finance (DeFi), it is natural that hackers…

Today we’re joined by an awesome NFT artist, Fedos, known for his incredible ‘The Explorer Series’ and other colourful pieces that grabs the viewers attention. Interested in finding out more about him? Read on…

There’s a new heavy hitter in town, but will it be enough to take the top spot from the dominant Larva Labs, creators of CryptoPunks and Meebits. This month alone there have been more than $1.65 billion spent on NFTs, that’s a mind-blowing increase from $360 million, seeing growth of more than 4x!

As is tradition, thank you to for providing all the data used below.

So here are the top 5 NFT sales from August 2021!

5) Fidenza #313

Leading the wave of cyberpunk NFTs, is Andre Vieira, with his awesome illustrations. And we were lucky enough to hear his thoughts on the NFT wave. Read on to find out.

CoinBurp is a leading crypto trading platform in the UK, offering an easy way to buy and store the most popular crypto assets in the world. The worlds of Centralised Finance (CeFi) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) are being brought together with the launch of MealDrops, the generative NFT series by CoinBurp. MealDrops is the first series comprising 500 variable-rarity NFTs that celebrate food, various landmarks and notable global locations.

NFTs have been the centre-point of attention within the DeFi sector and accessibility and user interfaces are improving. Whereas, previously access to NFTs was clunky and difficult for non-crypto experts. Nowadays…


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